Our industry expertise

Our industry expertise

At Mazars Pakistan our solutions include:


Our Customer Relationship Management Solution brings a modular approach to the complete customer cycle, from presales to post-sales, by defining inbound and outbound opportunities, allowing for features of internet and phone, tracking sales follow-ups to prospecting clients and, finally, the ability retain these customers through better service.


Our Easy Budgeting and Trend Solution (eBudgeting), a web-based application, allows budgeting teams to streamline the entire budgeting process by using the best in technology to reduce costs/time spent in budget activities and to minimize the margin of error.

eAudit Website

Mazars has successfully launched its eAudit Website.


Easy to use, with a consistent user interface and design language, Configurable to meet your requirements, and flexible to suit your changing audit needs, Available in multiple languages, with parameterized labels, messages and value lists, Scalable enough to be used in small companies or large enterprises, with configurable organizational hierarchies and group-of-company features.

Financial Solution - cFAS

Our Financial Solution "cFAS" has been developed by our team of professionals to help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Payroll System - ePay

Mazars in Pakistan, helps you streamline your payroll and get more from our payroll system . "e-Pay" is a simple-to-use yet comprehensive payroll system.

Microfinance Banking Software - MoneyTree

Microfinance is an effective financial service for the poor and low income strata. Mazars offers ‘MoneyTree’, a Low Cost, Feature Rich Core Banking Solution for Microfinance Institutions. ‘MoneyTree’ is an automated system that provides a wide range of banking operations tailored to automate and manage the daily banking needs of a microfinance institution with a primary focus on parameterization, tiered application structure, database independence, user friendly interface and multi-lingual support.